About the Driving Test.

Local Test centres include St Albans,Hemel Hempstead, Watford. Luton and Borehamwood.

The Driving Test lasts about 40 minutes.

There will be a variety of different road and traffic conditions

You will be asked to demonstrate one reversing manoeuvre. One third of tests include an emergency stop. The examiner will ask you to drive independently for about 10 minutes, following a simple map and/or road signs.

In order to pass, you must not make any serious or dangerous faults, although you are allowed to have up to 15 minor mistakes.

During the driving test the examiner records faults on his report. A candidate is allowed 15 minor faults. Only serious faults result in failure. These are ones which are regarded as potentially dangerous. Again,this will all become clear when we reach the mock test stage. The Automatic Test is exactly the same as a manual test;the only difference is the license.

There is usually a few weeks waiting list for a test so booking well ahead will give us the opportunity for you to take some realistic mock tests. In this way the fear of the real test will subside as you become familiar with the formalities of the test, the routes and the routine.

Useful Automatic Driving Links

Here are a few links you might find useful.

About the Theory Test

The Theory test is in two parts. Questions and Hazard Perception. I will make sure that you have the correct materials and help so that this aspect of your learning is quite straightforward.

Take an official mock Theory Test.

Pass Plus

A short course available to newly qualified drivers which is designed to give them experience on motorways, driving at night, country roads etc, which they probably have not experienced.

Most insurance companies give a generous discount to drivers who complete the course with their instructor. There is no test involved. The instructor issues the certificate upon satisfactory completion of the course.

Driving Standards Agency

The Driving Standards Agency website contains lots of relevant information.

Visit the DSA site.

The Theory test and the Driving Test are both booked through here. Use this site to take a mock Theory exam, look for test availability; Book or alter your test date. Click the link above.

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