Welcome to Automatic Driving School

Automatic driving lessons in St Albans,Harpenden,Hatfield. Friendly, relaxed, specialist instructor.

My Automatic driving lessons are designed to make learning easy, fast and enjoyable.

Special Offer !
First 5 for £90
Includes free lesson.

Lessons from a patient,friendly,specialist Automatic Instructor.

I want you to enjoy driving. If you're happy with your automatic instructor and looking forward to your lesson you will learn more quickly. Lessons are structured logically so that you progress at your own pace. The teaching manual and your own progress chart will help you on your way. As your skills improve we will plan ahead for your driving test.

Try a free Automatic Driving lesson

Available St Albans, Hatfield, Harpenden.

Call or email Trevor on 07931 722484.

Why take Automatic Driving Lessons ?

Learning to drive in an Automatic car will save you time and money.

  • No clutch
  • No stalling
  • No stress

How you will benefit from Automatic Driving lessons.

  • Pass quickly
  • Save money
  • Save time
  • Feel confident

Driving an Automatic car enables you to quickly feel at home with the car controls, so you will soon be developing your road skills instead of worrying about changing gears.

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